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The ultimate React Native Toolkit

Launch industry-level
apps in no time

Save months of work and focus on validate your ideas

Build unlimited Apps using our App Templates

Get lifetime access to the UI Kit + Figma Template + App Templates.

Want to try SpiroKit before getting a license?

We created SpiroKit Lite, so you can play with a few components from our catalog

# 1. Create a new project
npx create-spirokit-app --template lite-template-typescript
# 2. cd into your new app
cd my-app
# 3. Run your app with Expo Go
yarn start

Want to see all our components in action? Download our Kitchen Sink app

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We ❤️ Expo

Getting started

Create a new app in seconds using our Expo templates

1Get your license (Pay once, unlimited use)

2Follow these steps to create your new project

# 1. Create a new project

# Universal app with Expo, NextJS and Solito
npx create-spirokit-app --template universal-app-template-typescript
# TypeScript template
npx create-spirokit-app --template expo-template-typescript
# Plain JS template
npx create-spirokit-app --template expo-template

# 2. Install SpiroKit (More info about how to access our private npm registry in the docs)
yarn add @spirokit/core

# 3. Run your app
yarn start
spirokit + expo template

⚡️ Save time

Save hundreds of hours with our App templates

Travel app template banner showcaseTravel app template banner showcase

Get access to our App templates catalog, and start saving hundred of hours of development work by using an App Template as your starting point. Every template includes:

One-liner template starter:

#Travel App
npx create-spirokit-app --template travel-app-template-typescript

#Ecommerce App
npx create-spirokit-app --template ecommerce-app-template-typescript

Entire screens like Home, Search, Sign in, Sign up, Profile, and more to help you ship your idea faster.

Dark mode: All the screens are ready to use in light and dark mode.

Figma UI Kit (Included with the Figma and Bundle licenses)

Navigation: We use react-navigation to implement common patterns like bottom tab and stack navigation

🌍 Build once, use it everywhere

Build a universal app with Expo, NextJS, Solito & SpiroKit

Universal app running on web and mobile

Create your next universal app in seconds using our CLI:

#Universal app
npx create-spirokit-app --template universal-app-template-typescript

Updated to use the latest versions of each library: Expo SDK 47, NextJS 13, Solito 2.0

Learn more about universal apps in our blog

🎨 Themeable

Your app, your brand

Choose between 17 built-in color palettes

Add your custom color palettes and fonts

Apply your theme globally with the SpiroKitProvider

import { Button, SpiroKitProvider, useSpiroKitTheme } from "@spirokit/core"
const myTheme = useSpiroKitTheme({
  config: {
    colors: {
      primary: "blue"

const App = () => {
  return (
    <SpiroKitProvider theme={myTheme}>
      <ScrollView contentContainerStyle={{ flexGrow: 1 }}>
        <Box height={48} width="full" backgroundColor={"primary.500"}></Box>
        <Box safeArea position="absolute" flex={1} padding={4} width="full">
          <LargeTitle marginBottom={2} color="white">News</LargeTitle>
            backgroundColor={useColorModeValue("white", "primaryDark.1")}
                <Image source={{ uri: "" }}></Image>
                <TitleThree>Emirates introduces digital health verification for UAE passengers</TitleThree>
                  Emirates and the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) have begun to
                  implement full digital verification of Covid-19 medical records
              userName="Kenny Grimes"
                <Avatar source={{ uri: "" }}></Avatar>
              DateComponent={<Footnote>15th June 2021</Footnote>}

                <TitleThree>British Airways app allows economy passengers to order food to seat</TitleThree>
              userName="Antoinette Crona"
                <Avatar source={{ uri: "" }}></Avatar>
              DateComponent={<Footnote>15th June 2021</Footnote>}
            <Button IconLeftComponent={BellIcon}>Notify me</Button>
SpiroKit blue theme applied

🧩️ Extensible

Atomic design for the win

SpiroKit applies the atomic design philosophy, meaning that you can create your own components by mixing and matching the existing ones.

Full access to all the available design tokens (colors, fonts, size scale, etc) using hooks

Unlimited layout options by combining powerful primitives inherited from Native Base (Box, VStack, HStack, Center, etc)

const ShoppingCartItem = (props: { colorMode?: ColorMode }) => {
  return (
      borderColor={useColorModeValue("primary.500", "primary.300", props.colorMode)}
      backgroundColor={useColorModeValue("white", "primaryDark.4", props.colorMode)}
          uri: "/path/to/adidas/tee.png"
      <VStack paddingX={4} flex={1} space={2}>
        <TitleThree color={useColorModeValue("primaryGray.900", "white", props.colorMode)}>
          "Own the Run" Men's Tee - Adidas
          color={useColorModeValue("primaryGray.900", "white", props.colorMode)}
          Size: Medium
          color={useColorModeValue("primary.500", "primary.300", props.colorMode)}
        <HStack space={4} alignItems="center">
            color={useColorModeValue("primaryGray.900", "white", props.colorMode)}
SpiroKit custom component example

📗 Document-Driven

Interactive Storybook docs, with everything you need to know

Get access to a comprehensive and interactive documentation portal that includes:

1Installation guide

2Theming tutorials

3Design tokens reference

4Tons of working examples for every component, ready to copy paste.

5Full page examples Coming soon

6Full app examples Coming soon

Documentation center


Dark mode baked into each component

SpiroKit allows you to set a color mode (light/dark) based on your users preferences. You can also use the useTheme hook to toggle between light and dark when and where you want.

Choose between light / dark mode using the SpiroKitProvider configuration to apply your preference globally

Automatically adapt your app based on your user’s device mode

Override the color mode per component

const myTheme = useSpiroKitTheme({
  config: {
    initialColorMode: "dark" // Force dark mode globally

const App = () => {
  return (
    <SpiroKitProvider theme={myTheme}>
SpiroKit dark mode example


What our users say

🔨 Development experience

Editor tools

SpiroKit heavily relies on declaration files (d.ts files) to provide you with great IntelliSense for every built-in design token.

This includes things like:

Color palettes

Sizes (used for width, height, etc)

Fonts (line height, letter spacing, font weight, etc)

SpiroKit Snippets for VSCode Coming soon

We are working on a new VSCode extension that will allow you to quickly scaffold complex components to further improve your development workflow.


Spiro kit logo with React Native logo


SpiroKit Bundle: Figma + React Native

Get your license

SpiroKit for Figma

  • Everything you need to prototype and build your next app.
  • Hundreds of building blocks
  • Color palette
  • Typography scales
  • Spacing rules
  • Dozens of pre-built screens
  • Dark mode support
  • Icons

SpiroKit for React Native

  • Customizable and production-ready components
  • Theme provider with 17 color palettes
  • Dark mode support
  • Accessible components built on top of React Native ARIA
  • Built using TypeScript
  • Expo templates
  • Interactive documentation using Storybook
  • Custom hooks for theming and extensibility
  • Example App boilerplates
  • Full page examples
  • Universal App Template with Solito + NextJS